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>> you are watching wbal-tv 11 news. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at noon. >> a wild weekend in baltimore carry into this morning as police opened fire on an armed robbery suspect. we began outside city police headquarters. >> no officers were injured.
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the suspect is in serious, but stable condition at shock trauma and charges are pending against him. this shooting happened about 4:20 this morning. police were called out to yale avenue and potter streets because of our robbery. when officers arrived, they found a suspect matching the description of the suspect. of confrontation started. >> he pulled out a weapon. one of the backup officers that respondents saw the officer and the suspects struggling. he drew his service weapon and shot at least once in defense of that officer. >> police say the suspect was shot in the stomach. he was taken to surgery and is listed in stable, but stable -- serious, but stable condition in shock trauma. the officer involved in the
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shooting has been placed on administrative leave. wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. police in baltimore county are investigating a deadly weekend shooting involving one of their officers. police were called for reports of a suspicious person. when officers arrived, they tried to question the man, but he became combative and reached for one of the officer's guns. that is when the other officer opened fire. >> he is not from the area. right now the detectives are making an attempt to notify note -- notify next of kin. >> we're told the two officers and two other veterans of the baltimore county police department and have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. there have been five other shootings in baltimore. we will have the latest on those cases at 5:00 p.m.
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>> good afternoon. still a little chilly out there. some of you may be enjoying this now that we're in the new season. 65 @ dwi thurgood marshall. we started off in the 50's in many areas. we expect many areas to get into the upper 50s's, maybe downtown will get around 70 degrees. light jackets may be needed, especially as we get toward the evening hours. we will quickly drop temperatures closer to 9:00 p.m. we will talk about hold -- about how cold we will get for tomorrow's morning low, coming up in the forecast. >> an impressive come-from- behind win for the reagan sunday night. the team actually came from behind twice -- for the reagan sunday night's. the team actually came from behind twice.
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the ravens were down by a 13 until torrey smith shrinks the gap with a touchdown reception. is that not beautiful? he points to the sky after that one. in the last minutes of the fourth quarter, the defense managed to hold the past and the rookie kicker made a 27-yard kick for the win. great show for the rookie, but wide receiver torrey smith is the real star of the game. a stellar, but emotional performance for smith to took the field less than 24 hours after learning of his younger brothers that. we have more on the accident at last night's victory. -- after learning of his younger brother of's def. >> torrey smith was up all night after learning about the tragic news, and no one was sure if he would play in the game.
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>> torrey smith got word of the crash of around 1:00 a.m. sunday and rushed to be with his family. his 19-year-old brother tevin jones died in a motorcycle crash in virginia. he ran off the right side of the roadway and hit a utility pole. he was wearing a helmet and alcohol was not a factor. >> all the support really from everyone around the league -- just everyone, everywhere. you know, people were telling me and i just think -- i just think everyone on behalf of my family. >> after only one hour of sleep, he headed to the stadium, still unsure whether he would take the field. is as around 4:00 in the afternoon, he decided to do it. and boy, did he have a great dane. not one, but two touchdowns.
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>> you know, i am glad i came back up here. you know, i think it helps me out. >> smith says he played this game for his brother, and each touchdown said a quick prayer for him. wbal-tv 11 news. >> the ravens were not the only baltimore birds in action at this weekend, but they were the only baltimore team to win. the orioles on a picture- perfect afternoon. if only the score was as beautiful as the weather. they could not overcome a 2-1 deficit. they wasted an attempt to tie for the american league.
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still ahead -- "law and order suv" kicks off its 14th season. we will talk with the show's stars. and republican nominee mitt romney tries t
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>> all lies turned on ohio as mitt romney kicks off a three--- all eyes turned on ohio as mitt romney to top the three-day tour of the state. the past few days have not been a high point for the nominee. we have our commitment 2012 update. >> well, i will tell you what. this has been an interesting week. >> interesting, perhaps, but mitt romney does not want a repeat of last week. >> he said, you know, you cannot change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. we are going to give him that chance on november 6. >> romney is heading to battleground ally of 43-day tour with his running mate paul ryan, hoping to leave behind a week dominated by discouraging polls and the release of a secret videotape and more tax information. >> probably not the best week in
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the campaign, but i think we can look back at last week in a couple months and said, this was the defining week in both campaigns. >> republicans want to move ahead, but democrats are not ready to change the conversation. >> it is fair to say a lot of those 47% that he was slain during early in the week probably pay a higher percentage of -- talking about early in the week probably pay a higher percentage of their income than he does. >> and it is a talking point for the -- before the debates, but better only days away. mitt romney says he have to spend a lot of time raising money to give up with president obama. in washington, wbal-tv 11 news. >> imagine 80% voter turnout in united states. believe it or not, that was a statistic in one segment of the population in 2008. the census bureau reports adults
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from families earning less than $20,000 a year have less than a 2% turnout. it is thought that this is because it reflects, as they think their vote will affect change. we will talk live to the stars of the nbc hit drama "law & order svu" straight ahead. plus, we will take you to new york as the nation's education leaders come together to search for solutions. >> i pressure across the east with clear conditions from baltimore to kansas city. we have rain and warmer weather. we will talk about that when we come back with the insta-weather plus forecast. plus forecast. first, a li want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it!
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>> now your 11 insta-weather plus forecast. >> good afternoon. after a chilly start to the day, it is shaping up to be a fairly nice afternoon. things are fairly quiet in the mid-atlantic. earlier we have showers in southern pennsylvania. in far north md., maybe you saw some of those. now we have showers continuing across upstate new york. these are actually considered lake effect showers. these are rain showers, not snow showers. this signifies that we're transitioning into the next season because the lakes are now warmer than the air mass of of them. so, just a sign that fall is
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definitely here. let's look at what is causing this very quiet whether. it is due to this large area of high pressure that came out of canada. it continues to sneak all the way down into the north east. it is creating quiet conditions with lots of sunshine up and down the coast. then we have our next storm system. this will be another cold front that comes out of canada. it will link up with another cold front entering the rocky mountains, and this will drop temperatures by the end of the week. it will also increase rain chances by the end of the week. before that happens, we will see a bump in the temperatures. 85 in dallas. there is the dividing line with the cool air all the way into the gulf coast states. 69 in chicago down to 70 degrees in atlanta. 65 right now read a brown baltimore. 66 degrees -- 65 right now in
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baltimore. oakland, always one of the coldest spot speeding currently 48 degrees. -- when the coldest spot. currently 48 degrees. we will drop down into the 40's tonight. if you live in the western suburbs, crop lead -- possibly will get down into the 40's tonight. high-pressure will still be in control. a lot of sunshine, especially early in the morning. that gives us a kick start with the temperatures. we warm up to the low as 70's. a few areas may get into the mid-70's towards the afternoon. seven-day forecast, you see temperatures arriving in midweek -- are rising in midweek. we have a couple rainshowers wednesday. about 30% chance each day. not a washout, but they will be
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scattered. it could be another cool weekend with more rain chances. >> thank you. the hit nbc drama "law & order svu" kicks off its 14th season, picking up right where it left off with a shocking cliffhanger. good afternoon, gentlemen. >> how are you? >> i am doing great. thank you for being with us. if you guys know how to do at a cliff hanger. for those who did not see the finale, bring us up-to-date on what is happening with your character. >> welcome it it is a cliffhanger. -- well, it is a cliffhanger. the good captain is waking up in bed with a dead coker. -- dead hooker. i am going to have a lot of explaining to do.
12:19 pm
>> i would say so. should we watch on wednesday? >> i think you should watch on wednesday. it is greg. is a two-hour movie. it explains a lot. the whole squad comes to my assistance to help. there is a lot of twists and turns, a lot of cool stuff going on. not the least of which, been winters is back playing brian cassidy, which figures -- dean winters is back playing brian cassidy, which figures into the cliff hanger. >> a lot of shows do a cliffhanger and the pay off the following fall is kind of week. i am happy to be a part of this. >> what took you so long after 15 years? >> ask the producers? -- asked the producers. it is good that it came when it did. i have been away a lot.
12:20 pm
i did a bunch of shows and have had the good fortune to be working. last spring, it was serendipitous. they were shooting across the street from my house. and a couple days later, i got the offer to come in for the season finale. it was perfect timing. the character i played 13 years ago was bright eyed and bushy tail, and he went away to homicide and vice. of little more grizzled. a little more shady. it was perfect timing. >> you have a good relationship. what is it like with all of you behind the scenes? >> first of all, i think it is -- after all this time it is very much like the family. all of us are very, very different. all others bring different energy, different ways of working. when you put it all together,
12:21 pm
there is some kind of magic that happens, you know? and it creates something that i think is unique to this show. along those lines, what was also great was to have dean come back. he was with us in the first season and did 13 episodes. in doubt 13th one -- in that 13th episode where he had to leave, that is still one of my favorite ones. when he comes in and explain that this is too much for him. i thought it was a terrific scene and episode. >> it was painful to leave 13 years ago. when i came back last spring, i was nervous. i had not been back for a long time. it was like nothing had changed. kelli and danny -- they are terrific actors. to be able to see them again and
12:22 pm
everyone, just to be embraced with open arms. it was joyful. >> it is a joy to see you both. we really appreciate your time. i am sorry to cut you short. good luck on wednesday. >> you got it. >> thank you very much. >> absolutely. you can catch the two-hour at season premiere on wednesday right here on wbal-tv 11 news. america's current education system is causing concerns about security in the global economy. we have more from the third annual nbc education nation summit where experts are sharing ideas about how to better educate today's youth. >> the majority of eighth grade students are not proficient in math, reading and science. the implications go well beyond the youngsters' future. condoleezza rice says the lack
12:23 pm
of education threatens national security. >> it is reason for concern. the idea that you have to be able to write based on tax, to write based on tax, to be able to analyze. these are skills that even our best students are not learning. >> at the summit, they focus on new standards in math and reading. secretary of education arne duncan hopes that this will guide students in a new era of global competition. >> all the way through primary grades to high school -- for the first time in a long time, students to graduate from high school will truly be college and career ready. >> for educators, however, success will mean finding solutions to problems even outside the classroom. jeffrey has been combating the effects of poverty and students in harlem for years.
12:24 pm
>> we have young people growing up in places in this country where everything is against them. they have terrible health care, violence, drugs and gangs in their community. we have got to get those kids and education. we also have to make those communities healthier for kids to grow up. >> it requires a system that focuses on the whole child, not focuses on the whole child, not just test scores. [ male announcer ] with ultra-filtered water from the first hands-free system, and micro-climate controls powered by twinchill technology, the new ge french door refrigerator puts fresh in a whole new light. come see the new ge french door refrigerator for yourself at bray & scarff.
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>> time now for your maryland lottery pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. >> good afternoon, md.. time for your pick 3 numbers. let's kick off with a 9. we have a one. here is a zero. 9-1-0. the maryland lottery is introducing the picks four
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combo. 25 cents. more details at let's get those picked four numbers. 1. next, we have a 3. another 3. and finally a 6. 1-3-3-6. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> clear day, getting a lot cooler. >> yes, it is only in the 60's today. it will be a little warmer tomorrow. still a lot of sunshine. that could come with rain showers. >> thank you. and thank you for joining us. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] have a great day. captioned by the national captioning institute anncr: more anti-maryland ads.
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from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed.

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